Your HAUNTED OLD TOWN WALKING TOUR IS ON! Now with Paranormal Investigation. The ONLY tour to go into Heritage Park in Old Town! We are the Local Small Native Tour. Use Code "Karma" for a big discount.
New San Diego History Tours Daytime! Non-ghost. Thanks for boo-king through us :)

The Three Tours Compared:

Gaslamp/Downtown Walking Tour

Content: 50% Haunted Ghost Tour | 50% True Crime / Dark History Tour
Facts: About 1.5 Miles Walked | 25+ Locations | Roughly 2 Hours Long | $25 Per Person
Focus: San Diego's haunted Gaslamp/Downtown District - You meet Downtown in the Gaslamp
Kids: This is the least kid-friendly tour due to the historic brothel element of downtown
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Old Town Walking Tour

Content: 80% Haunted Ghost Tour | 20% True Crime/Dark History Tour
Facts: About 0.5 Miles Walked | 10 Locations | Roughly 90 Minutes | $25 Per Person
Focus: San Diego's Old Town - Meet in Old Town
Kids: The Most Kid-Friendly Tour we Have
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Bus Tour

Content: 85% Haunted Ghost Tour | 15% True Crime/Dark History Tour
Facts: About 3 Blocks Walked - A Third of the Tour is on the Bus Hearing Stories | 5 Locations | Roughly 90 Minutes | $40 Per Person
Focus: You get some of Old Town, Sherman Heights, Downtown/Gaslamp, and the Bus Itself
Kids: Semi Kid-Friendly - Kids Needing Car Seat Hookups Not Allowed
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There is some cross over between the Bus Tour and the other tours. Probably around 20% though we do vary the storytelling a bit on those parts. You could take all 3 and have a very unique experience on each.

People have experienced haunting events on each tour though it is rare and not guaranteed.

All the tours are exceptional. Join us, you'll see...

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Our Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours

Are a combination of Haunted Ghost stories and events that combine Dark History with True Crime elements.

We are known for disturbing stories, authentic well-researched history, with sarcastic cheesy humor (think lines like Ash in The Evil Dead or 80's action hero comebacks). No jump scares, so there will be no costumed people jumping out at you. Still some people do get scared, we just consider the tour to be spooky and creepy rather than scary. If you don't like humor mixed in or are looking for jump scares, these may not be the tours for you.

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